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chillin` on tha couch wit my feet up



age- 17

location- Maryland

likes- Shopping, my Juicy Couture tube socks, jeans [you'll never catch me in anything else], boys in polo's and Nike Dunks {preferably sbs but i'm not picky lol}, boots, my sister, Abercrombie [+ anything like it], I collect fitteds purses and dunks/jordans.

dislikes- Oh my goodness Cam'Ron. Awkward silence on the phone. Awkward silence in general



blackplanet- n/a

personal sites- n/a

aol instant messanger- prepswagger

yahoo messanger- n/a

email address-


*promote us to two of your friends and provide those links,
also put a banner or button in your profile*
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three stores- Hot Topic, Abercrombie and Fitch, Urban Outfitters

three songs- Maybe - N.E.R.D, I'm A G - N.O.R.E, Best Rapper Alive - Weezy F. Baby

three colors- Orange, Yellow, Gray

three people- My sistes + my partner's in crime [elizabeth and ebony]

three things you can`t live w.o.- Cell Phone, M.A.C Lipgloss, Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi

three foods- Cheesecake, Beef Patties, Marishino Cherries from a Jar//

a little extrasss

post picturesyourself :two minimum: : four maximum
and one must be full body


[Natural lol]

[Full Body I guess..?]

questions..comments..last words..- Hmmm, i'm a lot of fun? I don't know. There's that awkward silence again. I think I hear crickets....oh dear.
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