mickey (flyordie_) wrote in thalounge,

chillin' on tha couch with wit my feet up


name- Mickey

age- 17

location- BROOKLYN, NY

likes- photography, web/graphic design, eating, talking on the phone, aim, computers, laughing, chocolate, strawberry cheesecake (I'd walk to Juniors for it!), dancing, partying, writing, poetry, music, tupac (he's the best), shopping, fashion, my hubby.. I like alot of things I can go on for days.

dislikes- liars, "players", racism, walking in the snow, ex-girlfriends that dont understand IT'S OVER and wifey is here now, people who lie about things to make their life interesting, people stepping on my feet (especially when my shoes are new), two faced people, and I dislike when people squeeze into the tiny space on bus/train and practically sits on top of me.


myspace- flyordie_

blackplanet- lladybanks (dont know the last time I been on there)

personal sites- dont have one anymore

aol instant messanger&raqou;- FlyyGirl130

yahoo messanger- dont have one

email address- BKprettyma@gmail.com


*promote us to two of your friends and provide those links,
also put a banner or button in your profile*

instrumelodies; here


three stores- Macys, Dr.Jays Ladies, any store in SOHO

three songs- hard to say im sorry-az yet, testify-common, situations-keyshia cole

three colors- red, blue, and black

three people- makayla, zae, abby

three things you can`t live w.o.- my hubby, my cell phone, and my digi cam

three foods- chicken, collard greens, and baked mac. and cheese

a little extrasss

post picturesyourself :two minimum: : four maximum
and one must be full body

Full body

questions..comments..last words..- Alot of people are quick to label me before they get to know me. I've been called everything from stuck up to cocky and I've even been called conceited. But, those names don't describe me. I'm very outgoing and fun to be around, and I can put a smile on anyone's face because I'm a funny person.. I think my soul runs deep, theres so much inside of me and I reflect every part of me in my writings. Sometimes I dont like to express how I am feeling but I often express it through writing, poetry, or through art (photography & drawings).. I like to shut myself down and build walls over my emotions to see if people can figure me out, half the time they can't. ALSO, I like to know what people are feeling/thinking, I wouldnt call that being nosiy I just like to be inside of peoples heads I guess that's why Im majoring in psychology. :)
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+I liked your application
-but something just seems odd about your face.
It's not bad, it's just odd.
Post either the best picture you can find of yourself or tell me a good joke.
++ your app
+ ya glasses & that green shirt
+++ your myspacepage im jealous =x

lol@tell me a good joke

+ shit the whole app. was wonderful.
++ nice pics
++likes dislikes
+++ foood ( true black person righ there..no prejudice tothose who mite become offended )
++++last words : i feel the same sometimes
+ the color RED mos def.
+ stores, 3 things u can't live without
+++ like i said i love the whole app.
so yes yes yes!!
+++ @ living in brooklyn
- @ cheesecake *gag*
++ @ baked mac n cheese *orgasm*
+++ @ photography
+ @ testify
+++ @ your full body pics
++ @ tupac
+++ @ people stepping on new shoes
++ @ people who lie about thei rlives *rolls eyes*
i like you whole application &
your on my friends list :]
+ i liked your whole app.
++ likes & dislikes.
++ songs & food
+++ your pictures are gorgeous. <3
++++ i can relate to your last words.
++++i'm from bk too
+++ juniors strawberry cheesecake (have you tried the apple crumb..yum)
++likes and dislikes (especially about the bus & train..lol)
+++whole application was hot..
+++ Your last words.
+++++ Your Pics...