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thalounge's Journal

tha lounge
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Welcome to Tha Lounge. A livejournal community that is made to chill,chat,and have fun with other on livejournal. There are debates, games, contests, and you may also share pictures,links,poetry,whatever.. Please do not promote any other communities unless you are promoting this one in those communities as well ( so provide links to where you ar promoting thalounge when you post promotions && these must be under lj-cuts please ) leave the drama at the door! If you would like to donate any banners,buttons, or graphics to thalounge please email them here Thank you- ♥ maintainers && mods

Must be 14 years +, Must have an active livejournal, must maintain active in the community. Join the community first, then lj-cut your application. Make sure the subject of your application is chillin` on tha couch wit my feet up,Promote and stay active. [HANDBOOK]

COPY THE APPLICATION: all applications must be filled out and posted 24 hours prior to joining

dammngirl _kee_


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